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Default_avatarTessa (Tessa)

Winter: East or West coast USA?

I am looking at going on a trip over December/January and am wondering which coast will be the best to do? I really want to do the East coast but I've heard that due to the weather some things can be cancelled etc. So is it best to do the West coast over this period of time? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks

Asked about 1 year ago about Usa And Canada New York Los Angeles Usa Travel Advice Weather United States Of America California (6 responses)

Default_avatarTessa (Tessa)

Packing list for a European Winter

Hi guys, Trying to decide what is essential to take on the European Inspiration at the end of the year. For travelers who have been to Europe in winter, what items did you wish you had over there? Thanks

Asked over 1 year ago about Packing Europe Winter Travel Advice Weather (1 response)

Default_avatarTessa (Tessa)

European Inspiration December 29

Hey, Just wondering if anyone is going on this tour? Pretty keen to get to meet some people beforehand :)

Asked almost 2 years ago about Europe Winter Weather Travel Advice (17 responses)

Default_avatarTessa (Tessa)

Kiwiana Panorama 29th December 2013?

Hey guys, Has anyone else booked this trip? Its my first time overseas and traveling solo, but pretty excited!

Asked over 2 years ago about South Pacific New Zealand (3 responses)



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