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ArletteArlette posted on KristiG17's (KristiG17) profile

Hi Kristi. I'm also going on the Dec 22-29 egypt tour. I was thinking of staying afterwards for the New Years. Are you staying in Cairo or traveling elsewhere in Egypt?? Since I'm traveling alone, I was hoping to hang out with someone:) Do you already have hostals reserved for after the trip?? Thanks, Arlette

Posted over 3 years ago

  • KristiG17


    I'm staying until 2 January at the Marriott. Perhaps we can all meet up afterwards in Cairo.

    over 3 years ago

  • JennyK


    I actually am stay 2 extra nights in the hotel they provided. So maybe we can hang out and see more attractions. I already booked a hotel room but it might be able to change it for 2 people if you want to split the costs?

    over 3 years ago

KristiG17KristiG17 (KristiG17)


Uploaded over 3 years ago

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