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which hotel in LA?

Hiya, I am doing LA to the Bay starting 24/04/13 and I noticed that the Contiki hotel WAS the Kyoto Hotel but when I went on their website they have changed brands, does anyone know which hotel the Contiki base hotel is? aparntly we won't get our Contiki info until about 3 weeks before we are due to leave and I need to organise accomodation asap as I am in NZ! Any help would be appreciated Thanks Meg

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miss_megmiss_meg (miss_meg)

Kiwi travelling to USA money/simcard please help!

Kia Ora all, First time heading to the states and I am unsure on what to do about my simcard and using money (i.e. cash/credit card) If there are any kiwis out there that have travelled to USA that have some hints that would be SO helpful! I am with Vodafone on pre-pay and have a nokia that is able to connect to the net. when i went to europe earlier in the year i just put like $40 on my phone before i left and was careful about how much i txted and didnt answer any phone calls because i know it charges you even to receive them! looking for something where i can txt home really cheap and has good calling rates so i can catch up with the family back home. i've done a bit of research on global sim cards but most on offer appear to be australian based so im not sure how it works :-/ a girl on my europe trip bought a simcard in london and it cost her something crazy like 0.10 to txt and 0.40 per min to call home! just wondering if its worth risking waiting till i get to USA to find something but would rather have it sorted before i go I bank with ASB and have been recommended by the travel agent to use like a pre-loaded travel credit card thing where you can put up to 9 currencies on it but you get charged for withdrawals etc so im not sure if its easier to just get USA $ before i leave or risk paying $7NZD per ATM withdrawal overseas (isnt that ridiculous?!) does anyone have advice?! my friend and i are doing LA to the BAY departing 24/04/13 so still have a bit of time thankfully! appreciate any help and advice Cheers ~ Meg

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