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24-year-old Female living in Perth, WA Australia

Going solo on the 13 day Greek Island Hopping on 22nd of July 2013 :)

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BrookeBrooke (Brooke)

Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 27 days \ from US$4575 per person

Southern delicacies include chicken and ribs, biscuits and gravy, and more curiously, Elvis' favorite Graceland snack, a peanut butter and banana concoction. But here's food for thought: Our equally eclectic travel menu of mouth-watering southern destinations, nicely sandwiched between prime left- and right-coast stop-overs. Get a taste of Texas, full servings of Memphis and New Orleans, and a naughty nibble of Las Vegas, before a final bite in the Big Apple, New York City.

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kaykay posted on Brooke's (Brooke) profile

hey brooke....i am flying from toronto on JULY 21 to be in athens for july 22

Posted almost 3 years ago

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kaykay posted on Brooke's (Brooke) profile

Hey brooke seen yr discussion ... i am doin the greek island hopping as well july 22-aug 3 with my friend : )

Posted about 3 years ago

  • RodBurgos


    Hey guys. i am thinking of booking this trip too. going solo. How large is the group so far?

    almost 3 years ago

  • Jess


    I am heading on this tour as well with two other people. Cannot wait :)

    about 3 years ago

  • Brooke


    Yay!!! I found someone going on the same tour :) I'm so excited. Are you heading over a night before the tour starts?

    about 3 years ago

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