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European Experience


10 countries \ 21 days \ from US$2300 per person

Experience Europe, Contiki style! A great trip itinerary for those wanting quality time in Italy without skipping anything important on the way there. The second half of the trip is all about beautiful scenery with stops in the Austrian Tyrol as well as the Swiss Alps. Of course, with the beautiful scenery comes some amazing opportunities to raft, ride and climb your way to must have memories.

ameliaamelia (amelia)


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ameliaamelia (amelia)

European Whirl


10 countries \ 19 days \ from US$2555 per person

If you've been dreaming of going to Europe but don't know exactly where to start, the European Whirl is your best option. Taking in the usual destinations of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, it also ventures out east to Prague and Berlin. Both of which are currently on Europe's 'must see' list. The perfect combination of culture, relaxation and of course, good times!

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