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26-year-old Female living in Sydney, NSW Australia

I'm currently working a dead end, boring job just so I can plan awesome trips. It's worth it. Most of the time.

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PoovenPooven Moodaliar posted on Alana's (Alana) profile

Hello there I'm booked on the same tour leaving on the 16th definite departure can't wait

Posted 30 days ago

  • Alana


    30 days ago

    Hi, I actually think we're on different tours! :( My tour doesn't leave until the 30th. Still, have fun! I can't wait either. :)

AlanaAlana (Alana)

European Inspiration - 30/06 - 18/07/2015

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else here had booked this tour? Not long now and I can't wait! Alana.

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