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27-year-old Female living in Adelaide, South Australia Australia

Hi all! I'm 24 from Adelaide, South Australia about to set off on my first big solo trip! I've only been to Bali before o/s and I'm visiting Dubai before I arrive in London on the 28th of June. I'm hoping to meet people who will be in London from June 28 before I leave on my Contiki on July 1st! I'm intending to stay in London to work after on a 2 year visa! Can't wait to meet some like-minded ... More

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Catherine_Bran92Catherine_Bran92 posted on Nicole Erfurth's (Erfurth) profile

Hey I noticed that you are going to european hi portion for July 2nd right?? Because I am too!!

Posted about 3 years ago

  • Erfurth


    Hi there! My European Horizon leaves on July 1st! Is there one that leaves on July 2nd too?

    about 3 years ago

ErfurthNicole Erfurth (Erfurth)

Anyone doing European Horizon July 2013?

Hi all! Just wondering if anyone is doing the European Horizon that leaves London on July 1st 2013 & what are your plans after the tour finishes on the 10th?

Asked about 3 years ago about (12 responses)

ErfurthNicole Erfurth (Erfurth)


Uploaded about 3 years ago

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