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23-year-old Female living in Alfords Point , NSW Australia

Hey I'm Sammy, Looking forward to traveling Europe in 2013! Wooooooo!!! I've never been on a contiki before so this wll be my first... Should be interesting to say the least! My friend (Jess) and i are doing the Croatian island sail on the 29th June and then the European Inspiration on the 15th July! Anyways feel free to leave a message or a comment especially if you have booked the same t... More

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emily.memily.m posted on Samantha's (Sammy92) profile

Hey Sammy! I just noticed that your also from NSW! I actually live in Oyster Bay! Small world haha

Posted almost 3 years ago

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    Hey Emily, I'm from Alford's point so your literally around the corner haha.. One of the guys from the group has made a Facebook group if you haven't joined already that's where we all mostly catch up. There is another girl called Loredana she is from Nsw too but from the hills district. Hope your well... Sooooo excited not long now! :)

    almost 3 years ago

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Sammy92Samantha (Sammy92)

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Sammy92Samantha (Sammy92)

European Inspiration 15th July 2013

Hey all, I'm Sammy from Australia. Me and my friend Jess are doing the Euro Inspiration however I'm a little worried no one has made a group before hand. Who else is coming on the tour??? Okay I'll leave it at that, Feel free to comment!!!

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