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Hello B Brown, this is your mate lol! I am following youuuuu! So I just brought a pair of vans (because they are meant to be awesome comfy) to wear of our euro mission. Wore them for the first time = blisters! Just great lol.

Posted about 3 years ago

brittany1990Brittany (brittany1990)

Ultimate European + Egypt 21st July 2013

Hey guys! Me and my mate have booked in for this trip, anyone else out there coming along? Britt

Asked over 3 years ago about Europe (2 responses)

brittany1990Brittany (brittany1990)

Ultimate European plus Egypt


17 countries \ 46 days \ from US$7139 per person

This tour is THE Ultimate European experience! Visit 17 countries, hit up all the major European destinations in the first half of the tour then travel to camel riding Egypt & see the pyramids. The second half is all about uncharted territory before exploring Germany, Switzerland & the Netherlands. After this, your hardest decision will be finding somewhere new to visit on your next trip!

brittany1990Brittany (brittany1990)


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