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Ultimate European plus Greek Islands

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19-year-old Female living in Sydney, NSW Australia

Hey my name is Sarah and I am from Sydney, Australia. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I have never been out of Australia before and I am wanting to travel to Europe and plan to go alone. I really want the opportunity to visit as many countries as possible and make friends who live all around the world!

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Best luggage options?

I am going on a 45 day concept tour and I wanted to know if it would be better to take a suitcase or a hiking backpack?

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Hey Sarah yer I did but I ended up picking European escapade on 17 April

Posted 6 months ago

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Hey Sarah, I am going on the European Adventurer next year starting in April, have you considered doing this tour?

Posted 7 months ago

sarahc.95sarahc.95 (sarahc.95)

Meet and talk about travelling solo on Contiki?

Hey my name is Sarah and I was thinking about going on Contiki some time next year however I will be travelling alone and was wondering if anyone else was thinking of doing the same or had any advice they would like to share :)

Asked 8 months ago about Europe London Paris Switzerland Italy Venice Greek Islands England Great Britain United Kingdom France Greece Greek Island Hopping Greek Island Hopper Greek Island Cruising (35 responses)

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