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26-year-old Male living in Ontario Canada

Recent University Graduate - not looking forward to working full time, wants to party in europe.

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emilyjaneeeEmily (emilyjaneee)

yeah ditto, I haven't done either but I'll also be travelling alone! Are you doing any travels before or after the tour? I'm headed off to the states for a month but Canada is at the top of my list after this trip haha

Posted about 4 years ago

  • Kyle


    yeah it sounds like there are quite a few people going alone which is great! its gonna be so much fun. Im just going for the tour, i dont have the money to do much more than that unfortunately. And thats awesome that you wanna check out Canada, dont know how it will hold up after Europe though! as well as the other places I see you are going - must be getting excited!

    about 4 years ago

emilyjaneeeEmily (emilyjaneee)

hey kyle! i see you're coming on the european tour as well, are you travelling alone or with friends?

Posted about 4 years ago

  • Kyle


    Hey! well it wasnt the plan but it turns out im travelling alone now, still very excited! Never been to Europe or travelled alone though haha. how about yourself- travelling with friends or alone?

    about 4 years ago

KyleKyle Howard (Kyle)


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