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22-year-old Female living in St Marys, NSW Australia

Hi im Rebecca, Woooo going on the grand southern tour in JULY :) Then Europe the 18 months after America I have been to the US previously aswell as 2 cruises where i went to vanuatu & numea Feel free to drop me a line, I would also love to hear from others who have cotiki's through america :)

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beckystarssRebecca (beckystarss)

Working holidays in the UK

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone on here has done a working holiday in the uk and if you could offer me any advice re: jobs, housing & if you done one of the packages you see offered. Any help, advice or stories would be hugely appreciated. Thanks heaps Bec

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hey how are you I was just wondering if you have booked your grand southern tour yet?

Posted over 1 year ago

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    about 1 year ago

    Hi, I'm so sorry, I haven't been on here in months!! I have booked mine about 6 months ago.

beckystarssRebecca (beckystarss)

Weather on the Grand Southern in July?

Hi, Has anyone done the tour in July? whats the weather like? What should we pack :) Thanks everyone

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beckystarssRebecca (beckystarss)

Grand Southern LA-NY July 22nd 2013

Hi, I know its really early but me and 5 of my friends went and paid our deposit for this trip yesterday, so excited :)... Has anyone else booked this trip or thinking about doing it?

Asked over 1 year ago about Travel Advice Usa And Canada Grand Southern Usa (37 responses)

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