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31-year-old Female living in Adelaide, Australia

Planning a trip to Europe this June/July and will be going on the Scandinavia & Russia tour departing June 17th. It'll be my first time ever to Europe! Have previously gone on a contiki tour to New Zealand back in 2006 with my lovely friend Kimberley. I've also travelled throughout many parts of Australia, am addicted to the US (been back 3 times and planning my 4th), love Canada (would reall... More

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North America 2011

San Diego, CA -> Phoenix, AZ -> Grand Canyon, AZ -> El Paso, TX -> Roswell, NM -> Oklahoma City, OK -> Memphis, TN -> Atlanta, GA -> Vancouver, BC -> Seattle, WA -> Montreal, OT -> New York City, NY -> The Hamptons, NY -> Los Angeles, CA!!!

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