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First Overseas trip..... and what a trip it was!

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07 Aug 2011 - 12 Aug 2011 \ As this was my first overseas trip I was a little worried travelling on my own. I need not have worried. A fair few of us were travelling by ourselves and most of the others in pairs (mostly Aussies) but everyone was so nice and we all had a blast. The staff were awesome, very helpful with any questions. I enjoyed every moment of this tour and made many, many Aussie friends and a few others from around the world that I still keep in contact with a year later. So if you are heading out all on your lonesome... don't fret! You will have a blast and meet some awesome people at the same time. The accommodations were all great. The food was good as well... although I did try their McDonalds sausage mcmuffin and it was awful!!! Tasted nothing like ours here in Australia! Up at the Bay of Islands we went a local pub (Pipi Patch) for some drinks and had a blast there. The staff were awesome and they even encouraged us to dance on the bar. The waitomo caves were great but the water was incredibly FREEZING!!! Zorbing was alot of fun, I chose to do it with water inside the ball.....don't worry it was warm water! I bungy jumped in Taupo... my first one! And if you haven't done it before it is probably a good one to start off with as you are doing it above water and also it isn't too high... some on the south island are alot higher! My only suggestion is if you aren't sure whether you can jump.... don't stand there thinking about it.... just jump! The longer you stand there the more chance you are thinking too much and will back out. I also did the jet boat ride, which was a lot of fun. One suggestion... don't drink too much the night before!!! We did have one guy that ended up sick and had to get off. The party cruise on Taupo was a great night with fancy dress. Very nice meal and just spent the rest of the night having a few drinks and dancing the night away. Rotorua was SMELLY!!! lol But very much enjoyed the maori performance and the dip in the hot springs. There are so many choices that they give you for optional activities. Alot of people were going on to do the south island and therfore some of the activities can double up with bungy and jet boats ride etc, so if you are doing both then I would spread your activities out and maybe choose something that you can't do on the opposite island to experience everything. I was only doing this tour so I crammed in everything I possibly could!! I would also suggest if you are just doing this tour and not going to the south island then perhaps doing it in the summer months would be a better idea as there is no need to be cold. Especially if you plan on doing the waitomo caves tubing!!! :) I wished I had of done it that way and left the south island til winter for the skiing etc! However I wouldn't change a thing for the experiences were fantastic and the friends I made even better. So go.... you won't regret it!

As this was my first overseas trip I was a little worried travelling on my own. I need not have worried. A fair ... read more

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