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Croatian Island Cruising


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$1245 per person

Cruise the Croatian Islands in style on this week long exercise in relaxation. With visits to Hvar, Korcula and Sipan to name a few, there's also ample time to discover the delights of mainland Dubrovnik and chill out in Split. Your photos of the stunning Dalmatian Coastline sunsets won't do justice to the experience of actually being there.

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European Contrasts Contiki & Flights should be all paid by the end of December. Merry Christmas Brooke! ;D

Posted over 1 year ago

  • Simon


    10 months ago

    I booked and paid for mine back in December too! Can't wait to meet everybody! Are you spending any time in London before the tour starts?

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Scandinavia & Russia Plus


8 countries \ 23 days \ from US$3486 per person

From the Vodka bars of Russia to the surreal landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, venture into some seriously impressive & historical places while on tour. Sit lakeside in Lillehammer, tour the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, visit Brest Fortress in Belarus & tour the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw (& that’s just the start!). There’s so much happening here & with 8 fascinating countries to visit in 22 days, get ready for sights & experiences like no other!

brooke_cuthbertsonbrooke_cuthbertson (brooke_cuthbertson)

European Contrasts plus Corfu Resort


12 countries \ 30 days \ from US$4399 per person

The perfect tour for those wanting to savour the best parts of Western Europe at a less than hectic pace. Travel days interspersed with free days in cities as well as a 3 day mini-break on a Greek island, this is definitely the best of both worlds when it comes to culture versus relaxation.



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