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25-year-old Female living in United States of America

I'm a 24 and am from a small country town in the US. I don't have any specific hobbies or talents but I do love talking to people, hanging with family, and laughing until I cry! It is my hearts desire to travel! Just graduated with my bachelors in Business Management and finally have the time to do some traveling. Can't wait to finally cross some things off my bucket list!

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European Trail


13 countries \ 24 days \ from US$3449 per person

This tour has it all - relaxed pace, amazing destinations - and it's year-round! Experience the diversity of Europe on the European Trail - journey through Western Europe, beyond the former 'Iron Curtain' into Poland & Hungary, soak up La Dolce Vita in romantic Italy, be blown away by epic vistas in the Swiss Alps & finish off in the gorgeous 'City of Lights', Paris. You couldn't ask for more!

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