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32-year-old Female living in Rhode Island united states of america

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JenniferJennifer posted on Natarsia's (r.i.traveler) profile

Hey. I see you're from RI! I'm from NJ but have a few friends from Johnston. I also went to JWU for 2 years lol years ago. I'm 32 so it's nice to see someone closer to my age! I lived in Italy all summer and didn't get to travel outside the country when I was there so I'm psyched to get to those places. Don't have anxiety lol. I had that when I left for Italy by myself but ended up having the most monumental time. It's going to be epic. I'm flying out of Newark on Feb. 21 at like 7 pm I think. Looking forward to meeting ya! While I haven't been out of Italy, I feel I got a very good taste of what European travel is like so if you have any questions or anything, feel free to email me at

Posted about 3 years ago

Default_avatarNatarsia (r.i.traveler)

anyone doing european magic february 20th

just looking to see if anyone is doing this trip, i just booked and am super excited and cant wait! would like to get some anxiety off my shoulders and meet a few people before the tour!

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