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30-year-old Male living in USA

I am an avid photographer and traveler and would be most content if I could spend my life doing that. Right now its more work my butt off to earn money to do that with hopes that maybe one day i'll get paid to do that. My goal is to see as many countries as possible, collect objects to sit out in my apartment, and have amazing memories with tons of new friends while documenting it all in pict... More

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On the railway up to the top of Jungfrau

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Uploaded almost 8 years ago

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  • TH1182 said...


    What time of year did you travel in Europe? The scenery is amazing!

  • Jeremy said...


    This was taken in late May. Don't be fooled though - the day prior (and as we were later told, several weeks prior) was cloudy and you could barely see a few meters in front of you! We got very, very lucky.

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