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mosquito nets

just wanting to know with the jungle stays in peru do contiki or the place we are staying at there supply mosquito nets for when we are sleeping??

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south american vaccines??

hey all,im doing the adventurer in south america this november and wanted to know what vaccinations should i have??would be good to know??

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hi im thinking about doing a south american contiki[the adventurer]and was wanting to know is it absolutely necessary to speak spanish/[portuguese there,im not worried once im with contiki but when im at the airports arriving and departing the language barrier might be a problem,id imagine there would be english speaking staff to help??

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hey all i know this might seem like a silly question but i was wondering is it absolutely necessary to know how to speak spanish and portuguese in south america im a bit worried about at the airports with the language barrier??is it ok to speak just normal english there lol??

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