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DaynaDayna posted on Tara's (Tara) profile

Hi Tara! I'm doing this tour in August and am struggling to find somewhere good to stay the night before the tour. Do you have any recommendations for accommodation that are close to the meet up point at the port? Thanks!

Posted about 1 year ago

Default_avatarDanart27 posted on Tara's (Tara) profile

Dear Tara, I hope you can help I was planning on taking this tour by self, I'm 32 and I was wondering what the atmosphere was like (ie with the other group) are they in their teens and early 20's who constantly want to go out clubbing and getting drunk? Or having fun drinking on deck and maybe go out a couple of nights to some clubs? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Posted over 1 year ago

RehanRehan posted on Tara's (Tara) profile

Hey Tara! I'm interested in doing the Turkish Sailing trip mid to late May of 2015. I noticed that was around the same time you went. I wanted to ask if the water felt warm or if it was still chilly. Thanks in advance and your review was really informative.

Posted over 1 year ago

  • Tara


    The week we were there the weather was quite warm so the water was a little shocking when jumping in. The water was about 25degrees but it was the fact that our body temperature was so warm that made the water feel a little shocking. Didn't stop us at all though. Any time the boat stopped moving our group was in the water. I'm a travel agent in Canada if you need assistance in booking your trip or pre-post sailing help I'd love to help.

    over 1 year ago

nicoleNicole posted on Tara's (Tara) profile

Hi Tara! I just read your review and wondered if I could ask you a question? I'm packing for this trip now - do I need any pants? A towel? And I assume there are plugs on the boat? Thanks so much! Your review was really helpful!

Posted almost 2 years ago

  • Tara


    My suggestion would be to pack a pair of pants and a sweat shirt. We had one day were it was a little chilly and a couple of our evenings were cooler. I was very thankful to have pants and a hoodie. It's probably warmer this time of year but I think it's a good thing to pack just in case. They do have towels in your cabins for showering purposes. They do not allow those towels out onto the deck of the ship. For swimming and suntanning, you may want to bring your own towel. They do have towels on the deck that we used but they also use them to clean the boat so it's not the most sanitary. Better to bring your own. There are plugs on the ship. They only have power in the evenings when th generator is running.

    almost 2 years ago

TaraTara (Tara)


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