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31-year-old Female living in Hervey bay, QLD Australia

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CelesteCeleste (Celeste)

Canada & the Rockies plus Calgary Stampede


2 countries \ 13 days \ from n/a per person

Experience the Canadian Rockies, have some fun, chill out & challenge yourself in Canada's dynamic duo of provinces: Alberta & British Columbia. Their diverse physical beauty - from Whistler to Banff to Vancouver & everywhere between - feature the greatest of the great outdoors. Take a hike or ride a bike along the many scenic, wildlife-laced trails. Better yet, we'll put you on a gondola, horseback or helicopter for the endless to-die-for photo opportunities. You'll also get a taste of the world famous rodeo, the Calgary Stampede.

CelesteCeleste (Celeste)

Grand Canadian


2 countries \ 20 days \ from US$3635 per person

Go all out on this Canadian adventure. From big city buzz to the great outdoors, it’s all here. Start off by exploring the northern US cities, Boston & New York, before diving deep into the beauty & charm of Canada. Cross the border into quaint Quebec before spending a few nights in Montreal & Toronto. After all the city action, fly west for a dose of coastal charm & natural wonders, including glaciers, the Rockies & Vancouver's cool big city vibe. This is one awesome trip!

CelesteCeleste (Celeste)

Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Queenstown)

0 countries

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CelesteCeleste (Celeste)

Kiwiana Panorama (Christchurch to Auckland)

0 countries

CelesteCeleste (Celeste)

Kiwiana Panorama (Christchurch to Auckland)

0 countries

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