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BradBrad (Brad)

European Trail Nov 22 2014

I know its ages away, but is anyone out there doing the European Trail tour departing London on November 22nd 2014? It will be my 30th birthday bash!

Asked 9 months ago about (4 responses)

BradBrad (Brad)

Wild Western (Winter) Dec 17 2014

Anyone else thinking about doing this tour? It's ages away I know, but keen to find anyone else who is doing this tour. Doing the Grand Southern for my 30th before this tour!

Asked 9 months ago about (0 responses)

AlexGAlexG posted on Brad's (Brad) profile

hey did u end up booking the grand southern NY-LA on 19 Dec 2014 and the wild western winter departing 14 Jan 2015??

Posted 10 months ago

  • AlexG


    9 months ago

    ok cool :) have fun! :)

  • Brad


    10 months ago

    Hi Alex, I think I will be booking the GS departing NY on November 21st 2104 as the tour will be in Miami for my 30th and then the Wild Western departing LA on Dec 17th.

BradBrad (Brad)

Grand Southern NY - LA December 2014

I know it's ages away, but was anyone thinking of doing the Grand Southern tour NY - LA December 19 2014 departure? Thinking about also following up with the Winter Wild Western Jan 14 departure. Is anyone else is thinking about doing the same tours? Cheers, Brad

Asked about 1 year ago about (2 responses)

BradBrad (Brad)

Grand Northern Optionals

Hey Guys I am doing the Grand Northern tour in May and I am wondering about the optional activities offered on this tour. Which ones are value for money and fun and which ones are not?? Any help would be great.

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