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Shane21Shane (Shane21)

Hey my travel agent said that your better off to use your bank card. There will be a small fee. but it will be a lot less then an ATM fee, I am Shane by the way. I will be on the April 8th trip as well, I am flying out on the 7th from the U.S. so when I land it will be the 8th.

Posted about 4 years ago

Default_avatarExplorer1334491 (Explorer1334491)

how much cash on you each day

Hi, I'm travelling through Italy and France and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how much cash to carry on you at any one time. I want to reduce the number of times I use an ATM to cut down on fees, but don't want to be carrying huge amounts of cash on me for safety. So I need a middle-ground. any advice?

Asked about 4 years ago about Travel Advice Money Cash Europe (1 response)

Default_avatarExplorer1334491 (Explorer1334491)

cash passport or 28 degrees mastercard

I'm tossing up between a cash passport (the multi one at or a 28 degrees mastercard. Anyone had any experience with these or any advice? Or alternatives? Thanks :)

Asked about 4 years ago about Travel Advice Money Cash (3 responses)



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