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24-year-old Female living in wollongong, nsw australia

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kateKate posted on Rach91's (Rach91) profile

Hey Rach im also going on this tour with my friend Carli! im pumped to meet everyone and have a great time!!!!!

Posted almost 4 years ago

  • kate


    I know how you feel, on my last holiday i went to London and Disneyland in Paris on my own. I was a bit nervous but Im so glad i went. We are all going to have a ball in America!!!!!!!

    almost 4 years ago

  • Rach91


    Hi kate , its so exciting cant wait for it to start, but at the same time so nerve racking!!

    almost 4 years ago

AprilApril posted on Rach91's (Rach91) profile

Hi Rachel How exciting! Im getting a little bit less nervous that Im talking to more ppl but it is terrifying doing it alone lol. Im flying in a day early and staying a day later. Your the first person on here that I know lives in sydney lol. Do you have fb at all?

Posted almost 4 years ago

  • Rach91


    Hi there !!! Im glad theres alot of people doing it by them selves, as its so close im so nervous now lol. I do have fb. what date are you flying over? x

    almost 4 years ago

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Anyone doing Best of USA 19th July 2012?

Hey There, Am doing my first contiki by myself and wanted to find out who some other travellers are? :)

Asked about 4 years ago about (1 response)

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Default_avatarRach91 (Rach91)

Best of USA (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 14 days \ from US$3739 per person

The name says it all. With 4 hot USA cities wrapped into 1 tour, these are 2 weeks you don’t want to miss out on! Start in the 'City of Angels' & hit the streets to see the Walk of Fame and the stars' homes in Hollywood Hills. Fly north to San Fran, famous for its cable cars & the Golden Gate Bridge, before partying with the high rollers in Vegas. Then after all the West Coast action, more excitement awaits you under the bright lights & hustle & bustle of the Big Apple, where you'll finish your tour in style.



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