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Heidi89Heidi89 (Heidi89)

Grand Southern April 3rd 2014!!????

Hey, Thinking im going to book this tour date!! I know its a little bit away.. but is anyone else booked into it? or thinking of booking?? Cheers, Heidi :)

Asked 12 months ago about Usa And Canada Grand Southern Usa (14 responses)

Heidi89Heidi89 (Heidi89)

Anyone in London between 22nd & 28th October?

Hi There! Ill be in london for a week before commencing a job and I'm thinking of doing a london explorer tour and staying at the Royal National Hotel.. I am going solo.. so just wondering if anyone else will be in London and doing the same tour or anything?? Thanks:)

Asked almost 2 years ago about Europe London Solo England Great Britain United Kingdom Travelling Alone Travel Advice (2 responses)

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