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Default_avatarLauren posted on Liam BAIN's (Bainy) profile

hey thanks for the link on the facebook group. r you getting excited???

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Lozzy83


    about 3 years ago

    awesome, i leave on the 12th. i asked to join, but havent been on in a while so not sure if i got approved or not. r u staying longer after the tour

  • Bainy


    over 3 years ago

    Yeah heaps excited now! Only 20days til i fly out for me. How about yourself? Got everything all sorted? And did you jump on the facebook group?

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BainyLiam BAIN (Bainy)


Uploaded over 3 years ago

BainyLiam BAIN (Bainy)

Grand Northern


2 countries \ 26 days \ from US$4115 per person

With 20 states & 2 Canadian provinces, get ready to go local. Start in the Big Apple before it’s all about Canada, America’s Great Lakes & Chicago en route to the American West. Chill at 4 National Parks before LAS Vegas.

BainyLiam BAIN posted on Liam BAIN's (Bainy) profile

New York Uncovered 11th Sept Grand Northern (NYC) 14th Sept!!! LA Explorer 9th October Who's keen?

Posted over 3 years ago

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