I am going Contiki!


Ultimate European plus Greek Islands

1 6 7 days to go

meagansinead Meagan Sinead

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22-year-old Female living in Australia

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meagansineadMeagan Sinead (meagansinead)

Uploaded 14 days ago

AnnaAnna posted on Meagan Sinead's (meagansinead) profile

Hey Meagan, Just wondering which Ultimate European tour are you doing? I'm planning on going next year around May/June and will be travelling solo. Anna :)

Posted about 1 month ago

  • meagansinead


    14 days ago

    Hey Anna! I am going on the ultimate European + Greek island , leaving Australia on the 01st June 2015

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Daniel Daniel Langridge posted on Meagan Sinead's (meagansinead) profile

Hey Hun yeah I'm thinking on doing this tour just not sure when's the best time to go

Posted 2 months ago

meagansineadMeagan Sinead (meagansinead)

Ultimate European + Greek Island June 2015

has anyone else booked/looking at going on the ultimate european 45day + greek island in June of 2015? :) xx

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