I am going Contiki!


Ultimate European plus Greek Islands

4 2 days to go

meagansinead Meagan Sinead

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22-year-old Female living in Australia

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meagansineadMeagan Sinead (meagansinead)



Uploaded about 1 month ago

meagansineadMeagan Sinead (meagansinead)

Uploaded 5 months ago

AnnaAnna posted on Meagan Sinead's (meagansinead) profile

Hey Meagan, Just wondering which Ultimate European tour are you doing? I'm planning on going next year around May/June and will be travelling solo. Anna :)

Posted 5 months ago

  • meagansinead


    5 months ago

    Hey Anna! I am going on the ultimate European + Greek island , leaving Australia on the 01st June 2015

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Daniel Daniel Langridge posted on Meagan Sinead's (meagansinead) profile

Hey Hun yeah I'm thinking on doing this tour just not sure when's the best time to go

Posted 6 months ago

meagansineadMeagan Sinead (meagansinead)

Ultimate European + Greek Island June 2015

has anyone else booked/looking at going on the ultimate european 45day + greek island in June of 2015? :) xx

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