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33-year-old Female living in Queens, New York USA

My primary interests remain around my travels, writing and providing services or being a resource for anyone in need of assistance. Humanitarian at heart, Social Worker by profession. I day dream of living in New Orleans, having a summer getaway in Thailand, and writing a best seller in Egypt! I plan on traveling to Europe, South American and Thailand within the next two years. My best... More

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RobyneBRobyne Boyce (RobyneB)

Thai Island Hopper West


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$939 per person

Some of the world's best beaches in some of the ultimate places to chill make this Thai Island Hopper trip a must. From busy Phuket, head to paradise on legendary Koh Phi Phi, before Krabi & its amazing scenery. Treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage, visit ‘The Beach’ and soak up the sun from the white sandy shoreline or sea canoe in the beautiful clear waters. It’s your choice to relax, indulge or party until the sun comes up…

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