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Uploaded almost 4 years ago

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Hi Sallie i am booked to go on this tour can't wait! :D

Posted almost 4 years ago

  • Sallie86


    Oh thats a shame. Mris and I are heading to Pompei the second day we are in Rome so I was going to see if you wanted to come with us. Never mind. Look forward to meeting you too :)

    almost 4 years ago

  • SallyGB


    Hey wow quick responce! :-) I arrive in Rome the day of the tour but will be staying an extra day after. I to would have loved to have started earlier but sadly couldn't have any more time off. Look forward to meeting you and Marissa. x

    almost 4 years ago

  • Sallie86


    Hi Sally with a y. I cant wait either! My friend Marissa (Ris88) and I r going and are spending two days before Contiki starts in Rome. What day do you get into Rome?

    almost 4 years ago

Sallie86Sallie86 (Sallie86)

Italian Espresso 8 September 2012?

Hi Will anyone be going on this tour, on this date? Thanks :)

Asked about 4 years ago about (0 responses)

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