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29-year-old Male living in Banksia Grove, Western Australia Australia

Im a 25 year old Mining Engineer from Perth Western Australia. I was born in England, and moved accross to OZ with my family in 91. My interests include pesonal fitness, martial arts (Muay Thai, Karate, BJJ and Boxing), Beach, music and travel. I have travelled a fair bit through SE Asia and now plan to see Europe and Russia in 2012, before my job takes me accross to Canda later in the year. ... More

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BaDgErMaNBaDgErMaN (BaDgErMaN)

With my Trainers in Thailand

With my Trainers in Thailand

Uploaded about 4 years ago

BaDgErMaNBaDgErMaN (BaDgErMaN)

25 year old Mining Engineer from Perth Western Australia. Heading to Europe and Russia in April 2012. Booked in for April 5th European Impressions Contiki tour.

Posted about 4 years ago

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