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34-year-old Female living in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

I am a 30 year female who lives in Melbourne with her boyfriend.

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MacdonaldMacdonald (Macdonald)

Hi Bianca Nice to hear from you too,I am 35 years leaving alone in south africa i have been to Europe before in fact i was working there how ever it has been over 10 year now and as four the tour i am indeed doing it alone it would be very nice meeting people like you at the tour i am really looking forward to it,Also ask your oyfriend to drop me a mail so as we get to know each other too before the tour Regards Macdonald

Posted about 4 years ago

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MacdonaldMacdonald (Macdonald)

Hi my name is Macdonald and i am also booked on for the same tour starting up at Paries it would be really nice to get to know people like you who are on the same tour before we leave

Posted about 4 years ago

  • blsbinks


    Hi Macdonald, my boyfriend and are doing the tour starting in london. We live in Melbourne, australia. I will be 31 and he will be 34 years old. Are you talking to anyone else doing our tour yet?

    about 4 years ago

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