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MissyMelissa posted on Dubz1990's (Dubz1990) profile

Hey! Just wondering how you found the best of USA tour? Im going on it in a month, i can't wait but i'm a bit disappointed with the USD at the moment :( im a little worried about the spending money side of things. How did you find it over there spending wise? Do you have any tips for the tour or me time extras? Any help is appreciated :)

Posted 9 months ago

Dubz1990Dubz1990 (Dubz1990)

What I Wish I'd Known

I know this has been posted before but I can't find the posts anymore. What do you wish you'd known BEFORE you went on your Contiki? Any tips for us first timers?

Asked about 1 year ago about (3 responses)

Dubz1990Dubz1990 (Dubz1990)

Best of USA June 15th-June 28th 2015

Anyone doing this tour?? No one has joined the meet-up yet!

Asked over 1 year ago about (0 responses)

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