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Winter Europe - clothing

What kind of clothing would be recommended for the winter tours for Europe? Want to do Berlin, Prague and Vienna. Includes a 'classical Viennese evening', so I guess a fancy dress would be required, but the temperature would be around -4, so will need to be wrapped most of the time. Any suggestions?

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Berlin, Prague & Vienna

I really want to go on the Berlin, Prague & Vienna tour, but am a vegetarian and wondering that's going to be an issue?

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Berlin & Prague plus Vienna


3 countries \ 9 days \ from US$1305 per person

Cover three of the most popular eastern European cities in more depth with this tour. Three nights each in Berlin and Prague affords you the opportunity for day trips out of the city centre as well as the obligatory 'tick the box' sightseeing. Why not extend your experience and travel to Budapest as well on our Berlin to Budapest tour?



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