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AlexanderAlex Dunbar posted on Elaine's (Elaine) profile

hi elaine i am going on the euro highlight trip this year in august it's my first time travelling overseas and my first contiki tour. can you give my any advice? what to bring , the must do activities etc etc? im from sydney australia so gday .. Cheers mate

Posted 11 months ago

  • Elaine


    10 months ago

    Hey Alex, that's awesome! You're gonna love this tour, I know I did. Try and do all the activities if you can....all of them are super fun! It's super quick paced so get ready for lots of late nights and early mornings. But then again, no one remembers the nights they got enough sleep! If ur tight on budget, try and stop urself from buying little trinkets...Europe can get a bit expensive. Save ur money for the experiences, it was way more worth it. Have fun!!

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ElaineElaine posted on Elaine's (Elaine) profile

EUROPE 2012!!!!! Gaaahhhhh!!!!

Posted over 3 years ago

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