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Related post: In this phase the recognition patterns of these antibodies will be defined and compared to conventional sera. The Serum Bank is also currently active in efforts to achieve greater standardization of current tissue typing techniques, in collaboration with the American Association for Clinical Histocompatibility Testing (AACHT), and in the development of a generally more reliable and less demanding technique (F.C. Grumet, Stanford Buy Cheap Endep University, N01 AI 82558). 4-12 IMMUNOBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOCHEMISTRY BRANCH A. Scope This Branch is concerned with the biology and chemistry of the immune system and its products. The fundamental studies which it supports on the structure and function of the immune system are directed toward acquiring a complete understanding of immune response mechanisms at their basic cellular and molecular Endep 25 levels as they function in health and disease. Activities in this broadly-based program area cross traditional disci- plinary lines of biology and chemistry and encompass Endep 50 anatomic, physiologic, pharmacologic, and microbial biology and Endep 25mg organic, physical, and biological chemistry. Its scope includes studies of the origin, maturation, localiza- tion, and function of immunologically active cell populations, and the mecha- nisms involved in the induction, modulation, regulation, and expression of immune reactivity, as well as physicochemical studies of antigens and their homologous antibodies and the mechanisms and kinetics of antigen-antibody reactions. Research activites Endep 10 Tablets supported within this program area are grouped in the general programs for Endep Tablets 10mg Immunobiology and Immunochemistry and in a Program of Institute Emphasis (PIE) for Lymphocyte Biology. B. Awards and Support Levels Relevant activities in immunobiology and immunochemistry are supported through various mechanisms including contracts, individual Endep 10mg post-doctoral fellowships, institutional pre- and post-doctoral training grants, career and career development awards, as well as investigator- initiated research grants. The following shows the distribution Endep 10 of Endep Tablets support by award mechanism for the activities of the Branch during FY 1980. Award Mechanism Immunobiology and Immunochemistry Branch FY 1980 Generic Endep Awards Number Amount Research Grants Career and Career Development Awards Subtotal 230 23 253 $24,535,474 840,195 $25,375,669 Fellowship Awards Training Awards Subtotal 30 9 39 330,120 668,531 $ 998,651 Contracts Total 4 296 30,009 $26,404,329 Total costs, indirect costs estimated 5-1 The distribution of these awards by discipline is approximately 3/4 for immunobiology and 1/4 for immunochemistry. Approximately 35% of these awards were for competing new or renewal applications; the remainder represents commitments to support awards made in prior years. Support for the Lymphocyte Biology PIE is included in the research grant category. During FY 1980, five program project awards, at a Endep 25 Mg total cost of $3,397,005, were made to support this activity. C. Program Areas and Purchase Endep Highlights 1. Program of Institute Emphasis for Lymphocyte Biology This Program currently supports five program projects, each of which is a multi disciplinary research effort integrating the technical expertise of cell biologists, geneticists, cellular immunologists and immunochemists and is directed by an acknowledged leader Buy Endep Online in the field. Their combined studies are designed to expand knowledge of the morphologic and functional hetero- geneity of lymphocyte populations Purchase Endep Online and to develop the capability for identifi- cation and selection of lymphocyte subpopulations with specific immune re- activity or antigenic composition, for hybridization of such populations and for Endep 50mg selective production of specific lymphocyte products. The objective of this Program Endep 10 Mg is to Order Endep acquire as complete a knowledge as possible of the life history of immunocompetent cells and of the physiologic and external factors that determine their fate and function in vivo and in vitro. This Program was initiated approximately eight years ago with the award of four program project grants, each directed toward the goal of understand- ing the biology of the lymphocyte and having different but complementary approaches. Three of the original projects have successfully undergone competi- tive peer Order Endep Online review and have received Buy Endep renewal of support for a five-year period. In addition, support for two new program projects has recently been provided, one each in FY 1978 and FY 1979.
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