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FrancesFrances posted on Alex2's (Alex2) profile

oh great! im booked for the seven day cruise - glad theres another girl coming

Posted about 3 years ago

  • Frances


    about 3 years ago

    we are also starting a facebook page. feel free to both add me: frances breitmeyer

FrancesFrances posted on Alex2's (Alex2) profile

hey Alex i'm Frances...aka...the only girl on this tour so far. i'm from nz...there are also four other australian guys, two are taking their precious time to enter this room will be great to meet you :-) are you doing a cruise at the end by any chance?

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Alex2


    over 3 years ago

    Hi Frances. You are no longer the only girl on this tour so far, as my girlfriend Samantha is also coming on the trip! Yeah we are doing the 3 day island cruise. Is that what you are doing?



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