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32-year-old Female living in Norderney, Niedersachsen Germany

Love to travel, but sick of waiting for people to make a decision, so I ended up at Contiki. Good choice, I hope ;) 1st tour: 10/06/13 Beaches and Reefs with Sailing (Start Sydney) I´ve already been to -Europe (of course) -USA -Russia -Thailand -Maldives To do: -St. Lucia -Costa Rica -Seychelles -New Zealand

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Beaches and Reefs with Sailing (Start Sydney)


1 country \ 16 days \ from US$2555 per person

If you love sun, water, fun & adventure then this is the perfect trip for you. Packed with loads of inclusions, you’ll experience the best of what makes the East Coast of Oz so amazing. Take a surf lesson in Coffs Harbour & head to the Whitsundays & jump onboard a yacht for a truly Aussie experience – sailing in this slice of paradise. Learn to sail like a pro, or just work on your tan if you wish. Get a taste of the adventure of Cairns with a bit of city action & bright lights mixed in for good measure. You'll swim, snorkel, maybe hold a koala or two, jet ski & even towel off for some shopping, bushwalking, and tandem skydiving if you’re up for it.

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