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Hunter9Hunter9 (Hunter9)


Posted over 3 years ago

Hunter9Hunter9 (Hunter9)

Hey Hayley!!, I tried to respond to your discussion and it wont let me for some reason Me and my friend ( both female) are also going on this tour, leaving from Canada. I am so jealous of the extra travelling you are adding onto the tour, I wanted to add some time but we are using this as our grad trip and we have to come home and study and write our CRNE board exam first week of June so we couldnt. If you have facebook and wanna get in contact you can search me out as Laura Catherine..... my network is Detroit Michigan tho I think... My picture is inverted which is kinda weird n scarey lol. Dont know anyone else on this tour yet, having trouble finding ppls discussions. Take care and see you in 53 days :) Laura

Posted almost 4 years ago

HayleyHayley (Hayley)

European Experience April 23rd - Who's going?!

My friend (both female) and I booked this tour - flying from the States (me from TN - her from FL). Who else is going?! We're traveling on our own a week before and after as well - Ireland, Spain + a few more days in Amsterdam after the tour is over.

Asked almost 4 years ago about Europe European Experience (1 response)

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