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30-year-old Male living in Vancity, Canada

Hello fellow contiki'ers! I'm a Chinese Canadian with South Pacific Islander roots who is interested in leaving North America for the first time in over 18 yrs. My daily routine is getting a bit old so I've caved in to travel pressure and booked my first contiki (thai hopper west). Finally ready to Rock and Roll. Looking forward to new cultures, new foods, new experiences and meeting ... More

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March 26th 2013 Full Moon Party (& thai hop. west)

Greetings fellow travelers, I'm interested in knowing if anyone plans on being at the March 26th full moon party on Koh Phangan. http://fullmoonparty-thailand.com/schedules.html Earlier today, I tried to book the March 20th thai island hopper EAST tour since it coincides with the full moon party but it has been fully booked out and the website hasn't been updated to reflect this yet (false advertising&sadface). So instead, I've ended up booking the March 13th thai hopper WEST tour which ends on March 21st. After this is done, I will probably head over to the eastern island of Ko Tao (which is like a 1.5hr ferry ride to Koh Phangan) and spend a few days getting my open water diving certification before heading to Koh Phangan on the 26th for the full moon party. Just wondering if anyone would like to meet up for the full moon party. I will most likely be travelling solo for this portion of the trip and good company is always welcome ^_^ Also, if you've been to the full moon party and can share your experience, that'd be great. I'll prob do a write up about it when i return. Finally - any March 13th thai hopper west travelers out there???

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