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I am very excited also about this trip, as I have mentioned before I am going solo and I am looking for an adventure, anyone with me. I am really looking forward to all of the trip but the two cities I am most excited about are Venice, and Paris. In regards to the Eiffel Tower I am interested in seeing it but I have been told from individuals who live in Paris and visit Paris the Eiffel Tower is very busy and if you want to go up it, it can eat up a lot of your day, they recommend going to the Arc de Triomphe . They say the views are almost as good and the line are considerably less. I am also excited to have some increadable food while traveling also. A random fact about me is I tend to be the hyper person when it comes to traveling. I want to run from place to place to place, so please keep me in line during our travels. I am also going to be coming into London early on September 21st from Russia so if you are flying in from North America I should be there before you, I will be ready to explore if you are. I have attached a picture of the towers at Notre Dame, I want to take a photo similar to this is anyone with me???? I really look forward to meeting you all and lets have a great time.

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  • josurinu said...


    *phew* thanks for joining in the convo. I thought i'd have a lingering question in the air and look like a total nincompoop. HAHA! Bill, you said the magic word! "Adventure." I'm am completely ready for some adventure and wanting to try new things and get out of my comfort zone! So I am totally game! As for the Eiffel Tower, it looks like we're going with Contiki: "Then get a stunning view of the entire city with included entry to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Oui, oui, Paris!" So I think we won't have too much of a hard time getting to the Eiffel tower. I haven't read a review where they waited in long queues for it. But who knows? I'm still willing to walk it up to avoid lines! My friend and I are not coming in until Sept. 22. Our flight comes in at noon, so i really hope we don't get delayed. I'd hate to miss out on the initial meeting, and I want to catch a drink/dinner and get to know everyone. Shame, that looks like an awesome view from the Notre Dame tower. I really wished i came in a day earlier. I didn't take into account jet lag. GAH!

  • josurinu said...


    oyyyy, i just realized that notre dame is in france. i'm so lame. but i'm game. I'm sooooo willing to do whatever. I have no set plans but to have fun and explore.



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