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Hi Mattia! I'm also on the Simply Italy tour...I don't believe airport/hotel transfers are included....I am arriving a couple days before the tour starts and arranged with the hostel I'm staying at for pickup/drop off. I think most cabs/taxis are around the same price, around 50 euros or so....unless you're familiar with with public transportation and then that might be a cheaper option for you. Hope this helps!! See you soon :)

Posted over 2 years ago

MattiaMattia (Mattia)

Transfers in italy

Hi all i have booked the september tour in italy, i have a question relating to the transfer from the airport to the hotel and viceversa. are these included in the tour or do we need to book them? I recently booked my tour and forgot to ask this question, was wondering whether any of you could help me out :) also if you're doing this tour, add me :)

Asked about 3 years ago about Travel Advice Transport Transfers (3 responses)

MattiaMattia (Mattia)

Transfers in italy

Hi all, i will be doing the simply italy tour this september yay. i have a question, do you need to book the transfers from the airport-hotel and viceversa? or is included in the tour??? I just booked but forgot to ask, just wondering if anyone out there could answer this for me :) :)

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