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Memory cards for 4 weeks?

Hi everyone! How many gigs did you use up in 4 weeks of travel? I'm planning on getting a 32gb card so I hope this will be enough..

Asked almost 3 years ago about Travel Advice Camera Chargers (1 response)

Default_avataritsagneshere (itsagneshere)

European Escapade


11 countries \ 26 days \ from US$3535 per person

To Barcelona and beyond! The European Escapade takes you through the best of Western Europe, allowing time to really experience what each city has to offer. Highlights include strolling La Rambla in Barcelona, re-discovering the might of the Roman Emperors in Rome and gazing up at the Swiss Alps from your bedroom window in Switzerland. What better way to spend a month in Europe?

Default_avataritsagneshere (itsagneshere)

European Vista


11 countries \ 22 days \ from US$2818 per person

Looking for mix of adventure & relaxation? This trip fits the bill. Destinations like Vienna, Prague, Paris, Rome & Amsterdam mean all your bases are covered. Free time options include a Tuscan feast & wine tasting or maybe mountain biking, paragliding & white water rafting. Your toughest decision is whether to go leisurely or adventurous...or both!

Default_avataritsagneshere (itsagneshere)

European Inspiration


10 countries \ 20 days \ from US$2992 per person

European Inspiration features a great combination of destinations - Berlin, Prague, Munich, Rome & Paris to name a few - plus a couple of nights in each place, giving you time to really explore each city. With a stopover in the Swiss Alps & plenty of awesome extras - this trip is one you won't want to miss.



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