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Default_avatarCamille posted on Han92's (Han92) profile

Hey Hannah! Lets definitely meet up before the tour! I'm already here and I'm staying about 15 min from Ipanema beach. Where are you staying? Let me know when you're available and I'll come and meet you :) Btw, do you know what time our tour starts on Saturday morning? I didn't get any of that info with my contiki wallet :/ I didn't even know we had to meet up at 7pm the night before at the Hotel Vermont as well.

Posted over 3 years ago

Default_avatarHan92 posted on Han92's (Han92) profile

Hey, no i have never been before, I've always wanted to go, but none of my friends have been intrested so i'm doing it alone. Are you travelling alone and are you going to any other conutries before/after the tour? Yeah Australia is great, no not summer yet, but still warm enough for swimming :)

Posted over 3 years ago

Monique Monique posted on Han92's (Han92) profile

Hey Han! Sorry for the late response! I have never been to South America before but I have always wanted to travel there, so I'm really excited about this trip! Have you been before? You are lucky to be living in Australia! Is it currently Summertime there? :)

Posted over 3 years ago



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