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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles)

3 8 days to go

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28-year-old Female living in Perth, WA Australia

Places I have travelled include: Vietnam, Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and All over Australia. My Dream Travel Destinations include: USA, Europe, New Zealand, Egypt and Canada.

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Nerd_Burger.86Elizabeth posted on Elizabeth's (Nerd_Burger.86) profile

Even though the US of Awesome Trip has not yet begun, I am already looking at Europe for my next adventure.

Posted 14 days ago

Nerd_Burger.86Elizabeth (Nerd_Burger.86)

European Quest


10 countries \ 26 days \ from US$3339 per person

For an epic mix that makes the travel experience complete, try the European Quest. Feel the cool cosmopolitan vibes of Paris & Berlin, take in the beauty of Prague & enjoy some time out to relax by the azure blue waters in Nice & the Cinque Terre. See some awesome architecture, sun-soaked beaches & stunning scenery & voila - the perfect way to spend your summer!

Nerd_Burger.86Elizabeth (Nerd_Burger.86)

European Adventurer


16 countries \ 38 days \ from US$5669 per person

The European Adventurer is just that, an adventure. From the cosmopolitan sights of Paris, to the romance and passion of the Italians, even out into uncharted tourist territory in Albania and Croatia, there aren't too many boundaries left to cross. There's even a mini holiday within a holiday when you get down to Greece! The perfect way to see most of Europe without wasting a moment.

Nerd_Burger.86Elizabeth (Nerd_Burger.86)



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Nerd_Burger.86Elizabeth (Nerd_Burger.86)

Grand Southern 29th January 2015

Hello Fellow Contiki Travellers, My name is Beth and my best friend Lee and I have just booked the Grand Southern for January 2015. We are both so excited to be planning our USA adventure and look forward to meeting everyone who will be on this tour with us. Our plan is to land in LA on the 27th January to spend a couple of days recovering from jet lag (30+hours on a plane from Perth, Australia is not a fun thought but I know it will be worth it) before the tour starts. We finish in New York where we will spend a further 7-8 days exploring and taking in everything New York has to offer. Can't wait to meet you all :) xxx

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