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Travelling by myself from the UK and doing the Big Walkabout with Whitsundays Sailing (Start Darwin) at the end of October this year. Excited to meet others who will be sharing the experience! It will no doubt be an awesome start to an incredible year (or more!) of travels!

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ClaireKClaireK posted on Isabel's (izzy) profile

Hey izzy! I spoke to you a while back on the discussion page for the Big Walkabout tour - for some reason it's not letting me post up another comment, weird! Since I'm only doing the first part of the tour (until Alice Springs) I have a different Meetup page aswell - so far there's only me and one other person on it! I'm staying at Chilli's and get there on the 29th - so if you were able to meet up at some stage before the tour that'd be cool, tho I'm sure we will run into each other at the hostel anyway! Only around 3 weeks to go!!! Are you all organised? I most definitely am not lol!

Posted over 3 years ago

  • ClaireK


    Safe travels Izzy; I can't believe we are almost on our way - I haven't started packing arrrgh and I leave in 2 days!! Yeah def let me know what the plan is for meeting for lunch on the 30th - my facebook username is oneformysoul, might be easier to keep in touch via that if you want - if not hopefully see you and the rest of the guys in a few days :)!

    over 3 years ago

  • izzy


    Hey Claire! Weird it won't let you post again but at least we can chat here. Good to know you're staying at Chilli's, I'll be there from the 28th. On our meet up page there are a few people wanting to get together for lunch on the 30th, we'll have to meet up at Chilli's and head over together or something. My flight is 2 weeks on Friday, can't believe it's so close! I'm slowly getting organised yeah but I know most things will be left til last minute!

    over 3 years ago



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