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36-year-old Male living in San Diego, CA USA

I love to travel! Contiki was my first trip abroad and it has started an addiction! Some close friends and I did the European Discovery and had the time of our lives! I hope to visit Spain, Greece, or Japan in the near future.

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Pushing my way up front to view the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

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  • Heather said...


    Do you have to pay an entrance fee to see the Louvre, or was it included in your package?

  • dgs127 said...


    We had to pay. The tour guide will offer/recommend a Paris City/Museum Pass that will get you into 60 museums and exhibits. The price is very reasonable. A 2 day is about $45 I also got a Metro pass but I think it may have been cheaper to pay as you go since I only used around to a few sites.

  • Lindz said...


    On your tour, did you have any MUST go tos on the trip ? Thanks

  • jeymon said...


    These sites/activities I considered must do: Hofbrauhaus in Munich (touristy buy very fun) White Water rafting in Austria Gondola ride in Venice Sistine Chapel in Rome Michaelangelo's "David" in Florence Eiffel Tower in Paris Have fun! Wish I was going again soon!

  • Lon Mac said...


    hey awesome photo jeymon! how long were you waiting in the queue before you got to the front? cheers!

  • jeymon said...


    I didn't have to wait at all. We were in Paris on a Sunday so apparently the crowds weren't that big. When we got there we just worked our way through the crowd to the front.

  • ExodusPessoa23 said...


    How much spending cash should I bring an estimate please and thank you?

  • jeymon said...


    I brought about $100 a day to cover food, souvenirs, admission pricing. Some places were cheaper to visit than others so it was pretty easy to budget.



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