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European Inspiration

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24-year-old Male living in Geelong, Victoria Australia

Im a real laid back aussie who loves sport and love partying even more. I love the Melbourne music scene and know a number of quality Dj's. Travel is a massive passion of mine which I have recently started a travel page on facebook >>> JM Travel Blog. Be sure to check it out if you get the chance

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Hi there- I noticed you have already went on Eastern Escapde. I'll be doing the 2nd half that tour this May. Was the Inner and Improv Show in Canada worth doing? Have a blast on your European Inspiration tour! I did it 2 years ago and still reminisce about it.

Posted about 1 month ago

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    Hi Faye, I actually haven't done any of the tours. I saved them as I was doing the research to see which one I wanted to do. I'll be doing my first Contiki this May, European Highlights! I live in NY and haven't really explored Canada too much as it's too close to home, but you should definitely explore all Canada has to offer if you're there! Any tips on Eurotrip? When in May are you going?

    about 1 month ago

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hey guys and girls, i have just started my own travel blog page on facebook! if you get a chance be sure to check it out >>>

Posted 2 months ago

jmahn23jmahn23 (jmahn23)

European inspirations optionals july 2016

hey crew just wondering who has done the European inspirations tour and can give me a low down on the optionals to do and maybe some to miss. Cheers

Asked 3 months ago about Europe Optionals European Inspiration Travel Advice (5 responses)

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