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20th JULY 2012 - Grand Northen tour

Hey, randomly booked a tour for 20th July 2012.. Anyone else going on this tour?? I'm doing this by myself... ahhh lol a bit apprehensive about it now.. But sure it will be lots of fun! Would anyone suggest anywhere to stay in New York around where the tour leaves? I arrive a week before the tour starts. Cheers John

Asked about 4 years ago about Travel Advice (2 responses)

JohnLaukaitisJohnLaukaitis (JohnLaukaitis)


Uploaded about 4 years ago

JohnLaukaitisJohnLaukaitis (JohnLaukaitis)

Heading on the Grand Northen USA tour 20th JULY 2012 :) Can't wait... doing tour by myself.. ahh will see how I go

Posted about 4 years ago



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