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24-year-old Female living in Darwin, NT Australia

I'm Jordan, 21 from Darwin , Australia. I have just completed Uni in Brisbane, so now its time to follow my passion and dream to travel the world!!! I'm extremely excited to meet heaps of people all around the world, to experience new cities and to see amazing sights :) I don't have an exact plan for my travels, and I don't know how or when I'm going to go back to Australia...But one thi... More

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Holz_87Holz_87 posted on Jordan's (Jordan) profile

Hey ladies we have booked our accom in NYC our hostels called equity point in time square , iv read good reviews

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Jordan


    hey! We did see that, but decided to go for something cheaper as we're doing a lot of travelling before and after the Contiki so need to save every where we can. It looks great though! I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable stay at that place :) we ended up booking at Q4 :)

    over 3 years ago

ABalyce posted on Jordan's (Jordan) profile

Hey Jordan, thinking we could just all book a hostel for NYC once we start the trip and see who is staying on etc???

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Jordan


    Hey!! Yeah, well I'm going on the trip with 2 other people and we havent actually decided where we're gonna stay in NYC yet...but Q4 Hotel looks pretty good! Have you found anywhere? I think most people will be stayin on in NYC for a few days. We're there for 5 to 6 nights

    over 3 years ago

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 27 days \ from US$4575 per person

Southern delicacies include chicken and ribs, biscuits and gravy, and more curiously, Elvis' favorite Graceland snack, a peanut butter and banana concoction. But here's food for thought: Our equally eclectic travel menu of mouth-watering southern destinations, nicely sandwiched between prime left- and right-coast stop-overs. Get a taste of Texas, full servings of Memphis and New Orleans, and a naughty nibble of Las Vegas, before a final bite in the Big Apple, New York City.

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