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24-year-old Female living in springfield, NSW Australia

Im 24 years old and I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I have done a contiki before and travelled to America and I cant wait to travel again!! :)

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KateGkate (KateG)

Day Tour in London

Hi, can anyone recommend a day tour to do in London that would get me to see all the main sights and attractions? I'm tossing up whether to do a hop on hop off bus tour or do a coach tour. I only have one day to see the sights as my Contiki tour after my London tour starts on one of the days that I had spare in London so my time is very limited :( Thank you :)

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KateGkate (KateG)

Sleeping Bags

hi I am doing a concept tour through Europe and it says you need to pack a sleeping bag!!! does anyone have any advice on how to pack a sleeping bag in a suitcase or where I can buy a small compact travel one from? Im searching all department stores and camping stores at the moment but I can only find the normal size ones. Thank You

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KateGkate (KateG)

Spotlight on greece 15 day tour departing 7th July

has anyone booked to go on the 15 day greece tour departing 7th July 2014? thank you :)

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KateGkate (KateG)

London to Rome departing 16th June

Has anyone booked to go on the London to Rome trip departing June the 16th? Would love to chat to some people or would like to know if there is a facebook page. Im yet to get my confirmation number to join the meet-ups page thank you :)

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amylouise93amylouise93 posted on kate's (KateG) profile

Hi Kate :) I noticed that you are looking at doing the London to Athens tour next year, however not on a definite departure. I am looking at going in May 2014. Not sure what your plans are!

Posted 6 months ago

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    6 months ago

    Hey Amy Thanks for your comment :) I've decided to do the London to Rome tour and then join on the Greece tour. I'm so excited :) I hope you enjoy your trip :)

Sundy05Sundy05 posted on kate's (KateG) profile

Hey Kate! I've already done the tour in the July that's just been :) incredible well organized tour, can party/relax/eat/dine at your own leisure! Would do this tour again in a heartbeat. Feel free to add me on FB if you want to know more about it! Just awesome , I'm jealous you're going !

Posted 6 months ago

KateGkate (KateG)

London to Rome 19th June 2014

has anyone booked for this tour London to Rome 19th June 2014? ive booked and then following on with the 15 day Greece Tour thanks Kate :)

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